The usefulness of the brain training games for companies

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Brain games

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We associate many large revised studies that lesson for multiple variables. Henry Hopking is the founder of The Brain Training Company and developer of the Brainwave Conditioning System™ A leading authority on mental fitness training, Henry is an advisor to high performance individuals, corporations and top sports personalities.

With the recent surge of brain-training apps available for every smartphone user out there, it's worth asking — do brain-training games hold any real cognitive benefit?

A new study investigates. Brain-training is effective, whether designed as classic cognitive tasks, combined tasks, or video games. Effects are mostly restricted to the specific tasks being trained and do not significantly generalize to other tasks or cognitive functions.

Neuroscientists speak out against brain game hype

Effects tend to be short lived, although evidence here is very mixed. The first large study to rigorously examine brain-training games using cognitive tests and brain imaging adds to evidence that they are not particularly good at training brains and appear to have.

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Braintraining games

Computer-based cognitive-training software –popularly known as brain games– claim a growing share of the marketplace. The promotion of these products reassures and entices a worried public. Consumers are told that playing brain games will make them smarter, more alert, and able to learn faster and better.

The usefulness of the brain training games for companies
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Does Brain Training Work? – Science-Based Medicine