Declining writing a letter of recommendation

Decline To Write Reference Letter

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Decline To Write a Letter of Recommendation

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Student Letters Of Recommendation

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The Top Five Things to Put in a Salary Increase Letter

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Her supervisor was unable to continue with the internship and so LW took over. Declining A Recommendation Request How to Decline a Recommendation Request If you're a professor or a supervisor, chances are you'll be spending a good chunk of your time writing letters of recommendation.

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Declining A Recommendation Request

I received your request for a letter of recommendation yesterday and hope you will understand if I decline. Letters of recommendation carry the most weight when they are from people such as colleagues and supervisors who know your job skills and work habits.

Jan 26,  · You put your own reputation on the line when you write a letter of recommendation. If you feel you do not know the person well enough, or they are somebody you cannot in good conscience recommend, decline their request%().

Declining writing a letter of recommendation
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